[Mono-dev] Crashes In Mini-Runtime on Ubuntu 14.04

Douglas Roffel droffel at commvault.com
Thu Sep 3 19:51:02 UTC 2015

I forgot to paste the backtrace, sorry about that: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=ULAcFYq1

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Subject: Crashes In Mini-Runtime on Ubuntu 14.04

Hey Mono-Dev,

I've recently been trying to debug a crash in the Mini-Runtime, and I'm unsure of where to look. The cause of the crash is a failed mono_domain_get (), which returns a null pointer at mini-runtime.c:2101
MonoDomain *domain = mono_domain_get ();

This causes a segfault at mini-runtime.c:2110
domain_info = domain_jit_info (domain);

Calling mono_domain_get after the segfault returns a valid appdomain, and this function is executed hundreds of times before segfaulting, so the appdomain has definitely been initialized properly.

Here is a backtrace of the state of all threads directly before the crash, the segfault occurs in thread 9.

I apparently don't have the latest version of mini-runtime, so my line numbers are slightly off from master (I'm running Mono 4.3.0, pulled and compiled on august 18th, for reference). The line numbers I'm referencing are in the official repo at:

Any direction would be appreciated,

-          Douglas Roffel

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