[Mono-dev] Actions: Wrapping up the Cycle 6 Release + Next Steps

Miguel de Icaza miguel at xamarin.com
Fri Oct 30 18:29:43 UTC 2015

Hello team,

We want to try to get this release out by November 16th, so the focus at
this point is to address any major regressions left, or a critical/major

Other bugs, as interesting as they might be, will have to wait until a
Service Release fix.   I am moving cards that have not been merged with a *High
risk* tag at this point to the Service Release 1.

I anticipate that we have two scenarios:

*Major Problems found*: those are bugs that are too hard to workaround,
regressions that we did not identify, major problems in the software: we
respond with a HotFix.   If the situation is widespread and affects many of
our users, we deliver the updates as a Service Release 1 to our users.

*Normal Problems found: *We proceed as expected and get the bugs fixed.


*Team Leads*: I need your help, please help me move non-critical,
non-regression, non-important cards from the Cycle6 board to the Service
Release board:



*Green Lanes*: there are a couple of pull requests that will make the test
lanes go green, I am ok with merging those.

*Engineers: *please review the eight cards that have failed QA (Column 4)
in here:

*Alexis/Cody*: we need to get to the bottom of the stock build issue that
is crashing Xamarin Studio on Drag and Drop/Stock Icon issue.

*Your Patches: *Please make your case by posting on this thread for any
patches that have not been moved to "Ready to Test" that you think needs to
be handled now.

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