[Mono-dev] About porting Mono to aix (Mono-devel-list Digest, Vol 127, Issue 17)

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Mon Nov 23 08:00:32 UTC 2015

Monolite is platform-independent bytecode.

If you're getting a core dump, that comes from your mono runtime port.

In general, the low-hanging fruit for getting the runtime working are
the tests in mono/mini - compile them on a Linux box (cd mono/mini &&
make check), transfer them over, and get all of them (8 I think) working
without failures.

On 23/11/15 01:45, Zhanxing Ding wrote:
> Hi Jo,
> Thank you for your reply, I have got the latest monolite by running "make get-monolite-latest",
> but when I compile the Mono C# compiler mcs.exe using it, I got the core dumped, does the monolite support
> aix currently? I know the mono currently just support Linux, windows, Mac OS.
> How can I continue to compile mono on aix without monolite which supports aix?
> Thank you!
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> On 20/11/15 03:07, Zhanxing Ding wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Recently I tried to port mono to IBM aix6.1 system, did any one try to
>> do this before, and I met a problem and I didn't know how to fixed, on
>> compiling runtime module, it need a monolite to compile it, but I
>> think there is not a supported version for aix, where can I get the source code of monolite, is it possible porting mono to aix.
> "monolite" is a minimal distribution of the Mono C# compiler mcs.exe, and its dependencies - it is needed to compile the Mono C# compiler mcs.exe.
> Tarballs of Mono bundle monolite, but git builds you either need an existing "mcs" in $PATH, or to obtain monolite separately
> "make get-monolite-latest" will use curl or wget to download a compatible version of monolite to your source tree (into
> mcs/class/lib/monolite/)
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