[Mono-dev] About porting Mono to aix

Timotheus Pokorra timotheus.pokorra at solidcharity.com
Fri Nov 20 08:39:17 UTC 2015

> Recently I tried to port mono to IBM aix6.1 system, did any one try to do
> this before,
> and I met a problem and I didn’t know how to fixed, on compiling runtime
> module, it need
> a monolite to compile it, but I think there is not a supported version for
> aix, where can I get the
> source code of monolite, is it possible porting mono to aix.

I know that the Fedora people are building Mono for ppc64
architecture. Perhaps you can use their mono to build your mono?
I don't know enough about monolite, but it seems the Fedora people are
using the default monolite that comes with the mono tarball (at least
on the first 4.x build, after that the previous mono version is used
for building).
See the history of builds of Mono for ppc64:
On each build, you get a link to the src rpm.
eg. the first successful bootstrap build of Mono 4:

hope this helps,

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