[Mono-dev] Embedding API change for 4.4: mono_class_from_generic_parameter

Andi McClure andi.mcclure at xamarin.com
Mon Nov 16 22:46:11 UTC 2015

This is a heads-up that a function exposed to the embedding API is changing
with this pull request:


…targeting master, which as I understand will become 4.4. The change is to

    mono_class_from_generic_parameter (MonoGenericParam *param, MonoImage
*image, gboolean is_mvar)

The "image" and "is_mvar" arguments to this function previously had no
documented function, but in practice would influence the allocation source
(and some metadata) of the generated class when the MonoGenericParam
provided is anonymous. The new documented functionality is that these final
two params are ignored. (The allocation/metadata is now determined

It seems unlikely anyone was relying on the old, fairly obscure behavior,
but I just wanted to notify the list in case someone out there is using the

- Andi
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