[Mono-dev] Building from Source Fails with mcs: Command not found (Mono-devel-list Digest, Vol 121, Issue 19)

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Thu May 21 12:52:18 UTC 2015

On 21/05/15 12:39, cyd wrote:
> Done.  Results were:
> make[3]: Entering directory `/bld/mono/mono-4.0.0/mono/mini'
> MONO_PATH=/bld/mono/mono-4.0.0/mcs/class/lib/net_4_5
> ../../runtime/mono-wrapper /bld/mono/mono-4.0.0/mcs/class/lib/build/mcs.exe
> -unsafe -nowarn:0162 -out:TestDriver.dll -target:library TestDriver.cs
> Illegal instruction

basic.exe is *supposed* to be "PE32 executable for MS Windows (console)
Intel 80386 32-bit Mono/.Net assembly" - all .NET apps are.

You're missing the most important part here: the "Illegal instruction".

SIGILL comes from the kernel when your Mono runtime (mono/mini/mono) is
trying to execute instructions which your CPU doesn't support - e.g.
ARMv7 instructions on an ARMv6 chip.

This error here means your compiled Mono runtime in mono/mini is trying
to execute basic.exe, issuing a CPU instruction which your CPU doesn't
have, and crashing.

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