[Mono-dev] ECDSA support

Miguel de Icaza miguel at xamarin.com
Tue May 12 20:17:48 UTC 2015


We do not have plans to add the code right now, but we would welcome anyone
that wants to contribute the code to Mono.

ReferenceSource code would only bring the API layer, but does not actually
bring an implementation of the algorithms.

The implementation would have to come from something like Bouncy Castle.


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> > Is mono support ciphers ECDSA ?
> > Mono 4.0.0 release show some handling of same under mono-
> > 4.0.0/external/referencesource/System.Core/System/Security/Cryptograph
> > y.
> > Please let me know how to use the same in build.
> If it's not coming for any reason, I know bouncycastle has it.
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