[Mono-dev] Is mono ready for backend deployment?

Ivo Smits Ivo at UFO-Net.nl
Thu Mar 26 12:29:18 UTC 2015

Hi Gelin,

I think mono is doing a good job, especially for backend uses. LISTEQ 
uses it to host their BoXedVDI Cloud Desktop software (www.listeq.com) - 
where the mono/.net application handles all the network I/O, video 
compression and encryption. I also use mono for much of the 
globaltuners.com infrastructure, including audio streaming, DSP and 
HTTPS proxying. Both systems can easily run for weeks, probably much 
longer if it weren't for software updates, without crashing.

We were recently affected by a possible (regression) bug in mono which 
caused crashes while running external processes under some 
circumstances, but this seems to have improved. You may have to be 
careful with updates, but overall it works well and can run reliably for 
a long time.


Gelin Yan schreef op 26-3-2015 om 11:01:
> Hi All
>    A few years ago, I tried to port one of our server from .net to 
> mono. At the time. Mono 2.8 was just out. My server use socket (tcp 
> almost) & thread pools heavily.
>     I noticed several crash reports during the tests and some of them 
> were related to mono's gc & threadpool, so finally I gave up.
>    Now We are in 2015 and mono has improved quite a bit. I want to 
> know whether it is ready for backend? I founded many successful cases 
> with mono but most of them are about mobile development.  Could you 
> share some experience on server side?
>   Thanks.
> Regards
> gelin yan
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