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Wed Mar 4 18:20:05 UTC 2015

Good day everyone.

When I checked Google SoC organizations page I've immediately noticed that
there was a project connected with porting some of the code that Microsoft
outsourced to work with Mono. I'm very interested in low-level aspects of
developing for .NET Platform, and even though I've almost never developed
specifically for Mono. I instantly decided that I want to get involved in

My name is Egor Shkorov. I'm 4th year student at Belorussian State
University, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer science.  I have a
1.5 year experience working as .NET/C++ (alternately) in Belorussian
company Relon-Soft, we develop software for american company SIGMA3. Before
that I've worked for half a year as .NET developer.

The projects that I'm interested in are

   - *Port the coreclr GC to work on top of Mono*. (Mentor: Mark Probst).
   I find this the most interesting one. When Microsoft opened coreclr
   sources, I've spent some time reading gc sources and this is one of the
   most interesting experience with open-source projects I've had. This
   project is very challenging, but very rewarding, from standpoint of
   experience for a programmer and performance for Mono framework.
   - *Port mono to asm.js. *(Mentor: João Matos). This one is very
   interesting from other point of view. There is a tendency now for
   everything to work inside a browser and even such complex systems as big
   managed frameworks like Mono and .NET shouldn't ignore this trend. I have
   some experience working with JavaScript, and I would be very grateful for
   an opportunity to work on such a project.
   - *Port CoreCLR Features to Mono *(Mentor: Ludovic Henry) I don't have
   much experience developing specifically for Mono, so when I saw the
   projects I've started looking through the repositories to compare features
   so I can, as required, say what feature I want to develop, but one day
   isn't enough to find this information, so I need to spent some more time.
   But this one is really cool.
   - *Integrate Reference Sources code into Mono * (Mentor: Ludovic Henry).
   This one is important for many reasons. Especially for the purpose of
   keeping everything consistent across platforms and incorporating best
   decisions from both frameworks.

I've listed some of the projects I'm interested in, but I would gladly do
any other project, if mentors think that there are better projects for
someone like me to do or if I'm not qualified enough to do projects I've
enumerated above.

I'm very interested in participating in my first Google Summer of Code and
in particular in Mono project, because I think this is a great experience
for any programmer, who is interested in .NET Framework on all levels of
programming, from low-level run-time programming to implementing specific
library features.

I'm seeking guidance from SoC mentors and will gladly accept any advice.

Thanks everyone for reading this wall of text, hope this will get noticed
by mentors.
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