[Mono-dev] OS X 64 bit stuff

Jonathan Mitchell jonathan at mugginsoft.com
Mon Jul 20 11:37:26 UTC 2015


Some of us use 64 bit Mono on OS X.
The current binary download is currently deficient by 32bits.


1. Is there a timeline for a 64 bit OS X framework release? A few months ago the answer was no.

2. I think that Xamarin.mac supports 64 bits. Does this use a discrete 64 library build as opposed to a standard OS X framework bundle?

3. The OS X mono framework is apparently built with https://github.com/mono/bockbuild. That repo his pretty opaque. 
https://github.com/mono/bockbuild/blob/master/bockbuild/darwinprofile.py looks like it might be able to handle a 64 bit build. Am I on the right track there?


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