[Mono-dev] System.Data from referencesource

Miguel de Icaza miguel at xamarin.com
Fri Jan 23 14:47:49 UTC 2015

Hello Damien,

I have not actually talked to Marek about this, but we have discussed
internally a bit what to do with System.Data.

Our current thinking is described here:


As for your specific questions:

  * If you are in the process of porting the MS SQL driver over, or are
>     just picking specific bits at this time;

At this point, we have only done small bits at a time.   I think we can
coordinate over email when we do some work.

>   * How likely I am to clash with other initiatives if I start
>     submitting similar pull requests against that subtree;

I think it would be difficult, as it is a fairly large space.

  * If there are specific words of caution, or documentation regarding
>     the MOBILE defines, and exercising the mobile profile's test suite.

We can build it as we go.

In general MOBILE drops the dependency on System.Configuration.   It is
often used with FULL_AOT (which is used both on iOS and game consoles)
which also removes support for dynamically generated code with the
Reflection.Emit API

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