[Mono-dev] MonoMethod->MethodInfo

Jeroen Frijters jeroen at sumatra.nl
Sun Feb 15 07:00:50 UTC 2015

If you know the module on the managed side, Module.ResolveMethod() can be used to get a MethodInfo from a token.


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> Subject: [Mono-dev] MonoMethod->MethodInfo
> Let's say I have a MonoMethod in unmanaged code. I want to pass some
> data out of that code back into managed code (using some identifiers of
> the monomethod) so that the managed code can obtain a MethodInfo via
> reflection.
> At first I thought about passing the token(s). I cannot however find
> anyway of looking up a MethodInfo based on its token (nor a type ...).
> I could get the type and then iterate over the methods but this seems
> like a bad idea.
> 1) Am I missing something with tokens on the managed side?
> 2) Is there some other way of doing this that I am missing?
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