[Mono-dev] Anyone knows that deos it mean?

Zhanxing Ding zding at rocketsoftware.com
Thu Dec 3 08:55:44 UTC 2015

And also I got the email message:

On 11/06/06 R. Tyler Ballance wrote:
> I have a client that's looking to move our recent port of our
> software to Mono to support AIX as well as Linux, etc.
> I've read previous mailing list posts about somebody being able to
> compile Mono for AIX, and I was wondering if there's a project page
> for Mono/AIX, or any sort of status report? Stability of Mono on AIX?
> Mono has been a godsend in that we can support Mac, Linux, Solaris,
> FreeBSD, etc with one code base, but AIX support is the proverbial
> holy grail for us, anybody have any information pertaining to Mono on
> AIX?

Mono has been ported to run on AIX internally at IBM. The last news I
have is that they are waiting on the lawyers to give the ok to
distribute the changes. I'm sure that your feedback here (and maybe more
feedback to the IBM people directly) would help to make the process


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lupus at ximian.com                             Monkeys do it better

it looks like that IBM people have finish the porting?
Is it true? If so, how can I contact IBM people to get help?

Thank you!

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Hi all,
I tried to port mono to aix, and I search it on google, and found the following infos.
Does anyone understand the point 1,2 mean?

"If you want to try to port Mono to AIX, you would probably want to:

1.Turn on the manual checking of dereferences in Mono, as AIX keeps the page at address zero mapped, preventing a whole class of errors from being caught. I forget the name of the define, but it was introduced some six months ago.

2.You would have to make sure that your signal handlers work, and that exception unwinding works on your platform.

The rest is probably replacing a few Posix functions with some AIX equivalents, but if you get the two above working, you would likely have a working Mono installation. But neither one of those tasks is easy."

Thank you very much!
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