[Mono-dev] Number of elements in a fixed buffer

Zoltan Varga vargaz at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 17:23:07 UTC 2015


  The type has a FixedBufferAttribute custom attribute which contains the
length of the array. There are some functions in reflection.c
like mono_custom_attrs_from_class () which can return information about it.


On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 12:32 PM, Bill Seurer <seurer at linux.vnet.ibm.com>

> In some code in mono/mini I need to figure out how many elements there are
> in a fixed buffer field in a struct, something like this:
>         public unsafe struct double_array4 {
>                 public fixed double f1[4];
>         }
> So I'd need to know "4".
> I can get the MonoClass of the field from the MonoFieldType and if I print
> out the name I get
> Test_double.double_array4.<f1>__FixedBuffer0
> so it knows it is a fixed buffer.  If I look at the fields of the struct
> in the above example there is just one and it's a double.
> So how can I figure out the number of elements?
> Thanks!
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> -Bill Seurer
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