[Mono-dev] System.Json string handling

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Sun Sep 21 12:58:47 UTC 2014

> From: martin at my2cents.co.uk [mailto:martin at my2cents.co.uk] On Behalf
> Of Martin Thwaites

Agreed on all counts.  I agree, as Miguel mentioned, that it's necessary to have quality control in place before accepting commits.  As Martin says, don't let something get worse as a result of supposed improvements being committed.  Well understood that the constraints we live in are: Xamarin is a commercial entity supporting an open source product that extends far beyond the scope of what's useful to Xamarin.  Xamarin's resources are not infinite.  

The mono community will grow more healthfully, and more rapidly, if Xamarin can nourish community contributions more.  Some efforts are already under weigh (or already completed?) to improve the mono source build process.  Making it easier to build and/or debug the source.  The source is easily accessible and easily forkable on github.  Build documentation has been greatly improved within the last year.  Binary distributables greatly improved.  Even the redhat roadblock has effectively been handled - circumventing the archaic crap in epel by adding a new yum repo.

Really the one part that's still a huge inhibitor to community involvement is just this one thing - even as paying Xamarin customers, you can't get support for mono bugs - even if you write patches yourself and try to contribute them, even as Xamarin customers you can't get anyone to review your patches.  For the time being, any bug or deficiency in mono is "take it or leave."  And hopefully this cycle can be broken.

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