[Mono-dev] Monodevelop & Gtk# 3

Marius Ungureanu marius.ungureanu at xamarin.com
Sun Oct 26 20:10:59 UTC 2014

Heya! It seems you have gtk-sharp 3 installed on the system.

Did you build it from sources? If so, grab gtk-sharp 2.12.2x and build it instead.

Арсен Шнурков <arsen.shnurkov at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi, i found your post
>and right now I an unable to build monodevelop
>this is full build log (sources from git):
>this is the first error:
>CSC: error CS1705: Assembly `gdk-sharp, Version=,
>Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=35e10195dab3c99f' references
>`glib-sharp, Version=, Culture=neutral,
>PublicKeyToken=35e10195dab3c99f' which has a higher version number
>than imported assembly `glib-sharp, Version=, Culture=neutral,
>What to do to finish compilation?
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