[Mono-dev] PR #1365: [asp.net] Implement the EventHandlerTaskAsyncHelper and HttpTaskAsyncHandler classes

Kornel Pal kornelpal at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 14:46:11 UTC 2014


I've found this, that fits Miguel's description:

My PR is is independent of any such changes, and given the API design, I 
would be surprised if MS implemented some special handling of these classes.

As for your requirements, I would give aspnetwebstack a try with the 
current pipeline before refactoring the request processing pipeline.

Thank you.


On 10/26/2014 2:50 PM, Martin Thwaites wrote:
> Hi Miguel,
> Does that have implications in regards to this PR? i.e. is it just 
> that it doesn't solve the problem, or that the implementation here is 
> wrong?
> Thanks,
> Martin
> On 26 October 2014 13:46, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at xamarin.com 
> <mailto:miguel at xamarin.com>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     The asynchronous pipeline was discussed in various
>     blogs/interviews.   Some switch enables apparently an entirely
>     different flow inside asp.net <http://asp.net>.  The surface
>     changes were minimal, which is why you won't likely find an API.
>     On Sunday, October 26, 2014, Kornel Pal <kornelpal at gmail.com
>     <mailto:kornelpal at gmail.com>> wrote:
>         Hi,
>         Inspired by the ASP.NET <http://ASP.NET> 4.5 Async Pipeline
>         email thread started by Martin Thwaites, I realized that there
>         actually is no new async pipeline in ASP.NET <http://ASP.NET>
>         4.5, it merely provides wrappers around tasks to ease
>         interfacing with the old async pipeline.
>         I've looked around a bit, but found no suitable implementation
>         for the wrapper, so I've created several unit tests to figure
>         out the MS.NET <http://MS.NET> behavior. At the end I came up
>         with TaskAsyncResult, a general purpose TAP to APM wrapper.
>         Please review my pull request:
>         https://github.com/mono/mono/pull/1365
>         Thank you.
>         Kornel
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