[Mono-dev] Mono and vNext, What is microsoft supporting

Martin Thwaites monoforum at my2cents.co.uk
Sat Oct 25 19:13:42 UTC 2014

This has just come up in another discussion and I thought I'd separate it
out so it doesn't dirty the PR discussion...

Alex, some questions on your response.

"CoreCLR is intended to be Windows-only too from what I've heard, as it
doesn't make much sense for Mono (you can already do side-by-side
deployment of Mono)."

Where have you seen this, do you have a link you can send?  This is a major
missing piece of the puzzle for me.  I've been hoping that with vNext,
applications would be truely cross platform, but it seems we are still very
much reliant on Mono's class implementations.

I've read an article[1] that says the CoreCLR ("Cloud Optimized") is to be
"Cross Platform".  If that is the case, and there are no plans to make a
linux compatible version and just use mono, they could easily say the same
about the .NET 4.5 class libraries as they are available in mono.

So either, when Microsoft refer to "Cross platform", they are only
referring to applications that rely on no class libraries and only corlib
(is that a thing can an application be purely reliant on no class
libraries?).  Alternatively, they are relying on Mono to create a CoreCLR
(I wouldn't be surprised if they've ask for Xamarin's help in doing that).

I am aware that you can side-by-side in mono, however, I thought that one
of the other big benefits of vNext was the reduction in footprint,
specifically around the memory footprint per request.  So you can
opt-in/out of specific features.

I'd appreciate anybody chiming in with they thoughts.  I'd absolutely love
someone "in the know" to give us something definitive though.


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