[Mono-dev] elimination of TARGET_J2EE/TARGET_JVM ?

Etienne Champetier champetier.etienne at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 10:57:47 UTC 2014


2014-10-24 12:37 GMT+02:00 akoeplinger <alex.koeplinger at outlook.com>:

> I removed TARGET_JVM with https://github.com/mono/mono/pull/1200, do you
> still see it somewhere?
No (except in changelogs). Writing about TARGET_J2EE i remembered that
there was also a TARGET_JVM,
so I asked about it in my email without checking

> TARGET_J2EE should be removed too I guess.
I'm reading horrible code right now because TARGET_J2EE doesn't support
volatile or synchronised hashtable or ....

> -- Alex
> Etienne
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