[Mono-dev] Unit Testing process: Community Contributions

Miguel de Icaza miguel at xamarin.com
Tue Oct 21 14:07:40 UTC 2014

> Did I miss something?  Do you not recognize that there's a problem here?

Yes, you did not read my email on the other thread.

What are we supposed to do when we do all that stuff - discuss in mailing
> list, pay for Xamarin, contact Xamarin support, file or find bug in
> bugzilla, and even write our own patches and submit pull request to solve
> our own problems, and then *still* nothing happens?

I have not seen you discuss any pull requests on the mailing list.  Did I
miss something?

Mono and Xamarin are two separate entities.   If you want to discuss Mono,
we can discuss Mono.   If you want to discuss Xamarin, we can discuss
Xamarin, but those two have two different profiles.

For example, you seem to be interested in ASP.NET, and while Mono supports
this Xamarin does not, and will not support anything related to ASP.NET.
Xamarin is in a separate space.

Surely you are aware that the community in general is feeling discouraged
> about the state of contributions to mono, and the ability to get support
> for mono?

And I have offered a solution.   I await for your pull requests with a CC
to the mailing list to discuss your particular changes.

Now, if this is unsuitable for you, the good news is that Mono is open
source, so you can apply all the patches that you feel like you need on
your private copy.   I will continue to have a high bar for the
contributions we take.

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