[Mono-dev] State of aspnetwebstack on mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at xamarin.com
Mon Oct 20 14:06:54 UTC 2014


PR874 - from Chris Carroll with a few properties implemented around routes

While the properties were added, they are not actually used for anything,
this looks bogus.

The tests basically show that setting a boolean property back and forth is
set, but likely what needs to be tested is the other methods it affects.

The point of these properties is to alter the behavior of the route

> PR1163 - from AerisG222 which includes a few changes around Unvalidated
> parameters and some other bits

This patch is poisoned.

There were a couple of elements that looked very suspicious, like this bit
(which also, does not follow the Mono coding guidelines):

		int? _minRequiredPasswordLength;
		int? _minRequiredNonAlphanumericCharacters;
		string _passwordStrengthRegularExpression;

		readonly string _minRequiredPasswordLengthError = "{0} must have at
least {1} characters";
		readonly string _minNonAlphanumericCharactersError = "{0} must have
at least {1} special characters";
		readonly string _passwordStrengthError = "{0} is weak";

What are the chances of getting every internal method name to match the one
in .NET I asked myself?   Close to zero.   So this was clearly decompiled
and submitted.

Rejected.  Someone *else* that has not worked on that code will have to
rewrite this, it is unacceptable to have people contribute decompiled code.

PR1349 - From me regarding MachineKey.Protect methods

Added a comment, looks like it could go in, but we need tests for the
Unprotect path.

And I would like those to be tested against Windows as well.

> PR1353 - From me regarding ReadEntityBodyMode (doesn't actually work, just
> the interface)

Simple, merged.

> PR1354 - From me regarding Request.Abort

Simple, merged.

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