[Mono-dev] State of aspnetwebstack on mono

Martin Thwaites monoforum at my2cents.co.uk
Mon Oct 20 08:01:00 UTC 2014

Hi Daniel,

I'm referring to all the work coming out of the aspnetwebstack repository
on codeplex.  I don't think MVC 6 is being developed there yet.

Currently that cover MVC and Webapi that I know of, but there could be
others.  It essentially the codebase used to create the nuget packages.

I actually hit a little snag last night in that after stubbing
everythingthat shouldn't be relevant, I've got to a point where all
typeload exceptions are gone in WebAPI.  However, all Webapi requests just
result in an endless request to the server.  So this may be a fruitless
journey.  On the plus side, MVC 5.2.2 works out of the box it seems.

On 20 Oct 2014 02:43, "Daniel Lo Nigro" <lists at dan.cx> wrote:

> By "aspnetwebstack" do you mean the current ASP.NET stack or do you mean
> ASP.NET vNext?
> On Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 1:37 AM, Martin Thwaites <monoforum at my2cents.co.uk
> > wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Just wanted to give a quick update on where I'm at with getting things
>> implemented for the aspnetwebstack to work on mono.
>> As I've said before, my goal is to make it so that the aspnetwebstack
>> solution will compile against mono, without tweaking anything (this is
>> stage 1).  It's proving to both a relatively small task, but also very
>> taxing in terms of me having to learn quite a lot.
>> *Note: I'm not looking at the tests in aspnetwebstack at the moment, that
>> will be stage 2, a lot seem to require things we don't have yet.*
>> In summary, it's not that far off, and once it's done, at least we'll be
>> able to see which methods may need bugfixing as the webstack will load at
>> least.  The main issue is getting the PRs approved, but my hope is that if
>> we can collate a list of the all, we can ask that they are reviewed
>> together and considering they will make one of the most up and coming web
>> technologies work on mono, I would say there is a good reason to try and
>> prioritise it.
>> Here are the current PR's, I've reviewed the ones that aren't mine and
>> they now look ok, we just need a contributor to review/merge them.
>> PR874 - from Chris Carroll with a few properties implemented around routes
>> PR1163 - from AerisG222 which includes a few changes around Unvalidated
>> parameters and some other bits
>> PR1349 - From me regarding MachineKey.Protect methods
>> PR1353 - From me regarding ReadEntityBodyMode (doesn't actually work,
>> just the interface)
>> PR1354 - From me regarding Request.Abort
>> Outstanding items that I could do with help with:
>>    1. ReadEntityBodyMode needs properly implementing
>>    2. Request.GetBufferedInputStream needs implementing.
>>    Request.GetBufferlessInputStream needs implementing (looks like it's
>>    already partially implemented).
>>    3. HttpResponseBase.SuppressFormsAuthenticationRedirect needs
>>    implementing
>>    4. HttpTaskAsyncHandler needs implementing.
>>    5. HttpResponse.ClientDisconnectedToken needs implementing (can just
>>    return CancellationToken.None and it should be fine but a proper
>>    implementation would be better).
>>    6. Do something about System.Data.EntityState, it's supposed to live
>>    in System.Data.Entity.dll which we don't have but MVC checks against.
>>    7. Do something about System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting, I
>>    don't want to have to change the aspnetwebstack code to exclude it, so
>>    maybe just stub it all out?
>> I'm planning on doing the HttpTaskAyncHandler next which will probably
>> take me a couple of evenings this week.  However, if someone thinks that
>> they could do it without extensive learning (which is what I'm going to
>> need to do), then by all means take that on and I'll do some of the others.
>> I'll let you all know when I get further.
>> Martin
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