[Mono-dev] Building mono on Windows issues.

Mladen Mihajlovic mmihajlovic at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 13:54:02 UTC 2014

Contributions are one thing, but there should be a windows build system
implemented and running - even continuous integration running for each
commit. I'm pretty sure there's a Jenkins set up for the linux/mac builds
but non for Windows? Why?

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> > Basically if we could persuade Xamarin to get mono building on Windows
> and
> > VS users able to debug Mono, suddenly there would be a lot more
> > developers able to contribute without having to learn a whole new stack
> > first.
> As discussed previously on this list in other threads, the barrier to
> contribution to the mono code base is not a lack of developers - there are
> plenty of people willing and able to work with XS or MD on mac and linux.
> The problem is bottleneck of Xam employees to review and test code
> submissions.  There is already a huge backlog of pull requests; they just
> don't have enough human resource to handle it.  The community isn't pouring
> forth with experienced volunteer maintainers to step into that role
> either.  And it takes quite an investment to get all the build & test VM's
> up to run a full fledged test environment anyway, which is necessary to
> pass before pull requests can be accepted.
> Hopefully this can improve someday.  For now, community contribution is
> sparse.
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