[Mono-dev] apt-get update checksum error

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Tue Oct 7 11:05:53 UTC 2014

> From: mono-devel-list-bounces at lists.ximian.com [mailto:mono-devel-list-
> bounces at lists.ximian.com] On Behalf Of spiko
> This problem has been resolved for me. Running apt-get update today
> successfully got the repository details and I was able to install
> mono-complete v3.10.0

Nope, I'm stilling seeing same error:

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*
sudo apt-get update

W: Failed to fetch http://download.mono-project.com/repo/debian/dists/wheezy/main/binary-amd64/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch
W: Failed to fetch http://download.mono-project.com/repo/debian/dists/wheezy/main/binary-i386/Packages  Hash Sum mismatch
E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

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