[Mono-dev] Mono on Embedded Platform

Jonathan Mitchell jonathan at mugginsoft.com
Fri Nov 21 10:26:28 UTC 2014

> On 21 Nov 2014, at 07:05, techi eth <techieth at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey,
> I have following point to check before start.
> 1)      1) How can I achieve small footprint from mono. I have followed the below link but it produces install directory which is more than 100 MB with mono 3.10.0.

 I know nothing about embedded platforms but I do know this.

I run a 64 bit Mono run time out of my OS X app bundle.
The omits all build tool chain stuff and consists of libmono, mscorlib 4 + 4.5, some configs and the 14 Mono assemblies required by my managed code at runtime.
I use the Mono assemblies as is i.e: I don’t tinker with the assemblies to reduce code size.

This comes in at 17MB for my usage case minimal Mono runtime environment.
My actual application managed code is then additional to this.


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