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Federico Di Gregorio fog at dndg.it
Thu Nov 13 16:53:52 UTC 2014

On 13/11/2014 17:26, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>     But if you move everything to the split UI system the custom Gtk 2
>     improvements for Mac and Windows will not be needed anymore and probably
>     replacing them with Gtk 3 equivalents will make a nice improvement on
>     the front of OS integration for Xamarin Studio on Linux.
> Correct, eventually this wont be necessary, and doing a port to Gtk# 3/4
> will be easier.
>     Yes, this is another half-hidden attempt at having CS on Linux. :)
> I do not understand what "CS on Linux" means.   

It should have been XS - Xamarin Studio.

> MonoDevelop *already* works on Linux, and internally we use it and
> continue to develop it on Linux.

No need to repeat that. It was a joke about myself pinging you and
anyone else I know at Xamarin every 6 months or so about getting XS and
Android support on Linkux.

> Even the Android support is developed on Linux.   We just have not
> figured out how to ship on Linux, and not being accused of not
> supporting your favorite distribution.

I still have hope. :)


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