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Federico Di Gregorio fog at dndg.it
Thu Nov 13 14:58:36 UTC 2014

On 13/11/2014 15:51, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> We are not likely going to move to Gtk# 3 any time soon.
> We have evolved the plan over the years, but this is the current plan:
>   * We are going to be refactoring Xamarin Studio along engine vs UI
>     components, to allow us to build native UIs for each component (WPF
>     on Windows, Cocoa on Mac, Gtk# on Linux).
>   * We typically start with a Gtk# UI, because that one already works
>     everywhere, so we start with this, and we then provide the
>     per-platform UIs.
> Replacing Gtk# 2 with 3 is not really a goal.  They change the API, and
> are about to change it again with 4.
> When we move everything over to this split UI system, we will take a
> look at whether it is worth upgrading to newer versions of Gtk, but for
> now, version 2 has lots of custom improvements for Mac and Windows that
> have not yet been added to 3.

But if you move everything to the split UI system the custom Gtk 2
improvements for Mac and Windows will not be needed anymore and probably
replacing them with Gtk 3 equivalents will make a nice improvement on
the front of OS integration for Xamarin Studio on Linux.

Yes, this is another half-hidden attempt at having CS on Linux. :)


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