[Mono-dev] Mono & .Net difference - handling xs:extension please help

Rafael Teixeira monoman at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 11:49:34 UTC 2014

Probably is the core System.Xml class library assembly that misses some
functionality. It is kind of lower priority these days as most people is
moving to schema-less serialization with either Xml or JSON.
Surely nobody needed to exercise the extension mechanism before, so that's
is why it is still broken, that is characteristic of any Open Source
If you really need it please open an issue, and help pinpoint the real
cause for the behavior, better yet, if you can: fix it and send a Pull

Best regards,

Rafael Teixeira

On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 8:51 AM, MarLOne <InfoSeeker002 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Timotheus,
> I have the answer for you.
> I have a VM with Mint17 which has Mono runtime 3.2.8 which is one major
> version that I reported earlier. So I build a console application to test
> using this schema (embedded resource) with this sample instance document.
> This also gives me a good test of compatibility that Mono has been
> promoting. I then took this console application and run it in my Windows 7
> with the most up to date .Net installed. It ran perfectly as expected
> verbatim without recompilation.
> This therefore indicates the IL code thus generated is not at fault.
> I then took this console application and xml document to my Mint 17 and ran
> it. As expected, it failed with the same message produced by the old
> version
> of Mono runtime.
> Therefore I would dare to claim that the problem exists much further back
> and is in the Mono runtime. What I am using is nothing new or even edge
> case. In fact, the construct is as old as .Net2.
> So what next? If I stay with Mono, to get around this gotcha I have to
> abandon a perfectly valid schema (data model). This is placing the cart in
> front of the horse.
> I opened the instance document in MonoDevelop ver 4.2.2 (yes it is old and
> it is because Linux/Mint does not allow me to move to newer version) and
> then hit Tools > Xml > Validate. Well the screen lights up like a Christmas
> tree and pointing to the same place as I have found.
> Even more worryingly, that tool does not even handle the xsi:schemaLocation
> hint while Eclipse did that flawlessly.
> I appreciate the great work of Open Source in bringing Mono to something
> workable. But after falling into holes so many times believing this
> "cross-platform development tool", Mono has lost my trust particularly not
> knowing where is the next incompatible gotcha! This is no different than a
> calculator produces erroneous result with certain expression kind and one
> does not know which expression pattern. This problem plus the others that I
> have unearthed are seriously matters. I would rather prefer Mono fails to
> compile or supporting MS .Net construct (fail early and fail loud) than
> slipping in minefield silently like this wasting people's time.
> Has this simple scenario been tested?
> MarL
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