[Mono-dev] AssemblyFileVersion

Neale Ferguson NealeFerguson at verizon.net
Thu May 22 20:24:44 UTC 2014

 When compiling an assembly , the File version info of the file is set by reading the AssemblyInfo.AssemblyFileVersion attribute. On mono it seems to be reading the AssemblyVersion attribute.

As a test, set these 2 attributes into an assembly:
[assembly: AssemblyVersion("2011.04.0.0")]
[assembly : AssemblyFileVersion("2011.02.0.0")]

Then build it and try this:
Assembly executingAssembly = Assembly.GetAssembly(typeof(Runtime));
FileVersionInfo fvi = FileVersionInfo.GetVersionInfo(executingAssembly.Location);
string version1 = fvi.FileVersion;
Console.WriteLine("version: "+version1);

In our test it was returning 2011.04.0.0 but on Windows it would return 2011.02.0.0 and right clicking on the files in Windows Explorer would show the same things. Could Linux be putting this in a different area?


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