[Mono-dev] Mono and ASP.NET vNext

Nikita Tsukanov keks9n at gmail.com
Wed May 14 15:46:05 UTC 2014

s/built-in http server/built-in http server wrapper/

2014-05-14 19:40 GMT+04:00 Nikita Tsukanov <keks9n at gmail.com>:

> I'll try to implement OWIN host on top of my libevent built-in http server
> ( https://github.com/kekekeks/evhttp-sharp ) since for now it's the
> fastest thing for handling HTTP-requests on Mono I know (now it has host
> implementation for NancyFx which we are using in production for half of a
> year).
> Although both evhttp-sharp and FastCGI servers like HyperFastCGI and Fos,
> are incapable of serving websockets (one because of underlying
> implementation, another because of limitations of FastCGI protocol), so it
> would be great to wrap something like
> https://github.com/kekekeks/evhttp-sharp which has websocket support and
> positioned as evhttp drop-in replacement.
> Regards,
> Nikita
> 2014-05-14 19:29 GMT+04:00 Marcelo Zabani <mzabani at gmail.com>:
> Wow! This is such great news!!
>> As for running Owin applications with Unix HTTP servers, I've developed
>> Fos <http://github.com/mzabani/Fos> on a very permissive license and a
>> focus on good documentation and running with Mono on *nix. I would very
>> much love getting contributions on this, because my spare time is running
>> lower these days.
>> Hope it helps,
>> Marcelo.
>> On Wed, May 14, 2014 at 12:44 AM, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at xamarin.com>wrote:
>>> Hello guys!
>>> Microsoft has open sourced ASP.NET vNext:
>>> http://github.com/aspnet/home
>>> This is an entire new web stack that only needs the core of Mono (does
>>> not even use System.Web.dll!).
>>> So these are of course great news, because (a) The core Mono has been in
>>> active development, and (b) that means that Mono's on the server can be
>>> used without all those pesky limitations that have been plaguing us for
>>> years.
>>> So we ran into a couple of limitations in Mono: some classes that they
>>> need are not implemented (I filed a bug, and a couple of Xamarin folks
>>> decided to take on that on their copious spare time) and we have a couple
>>> of bugs on FileSystemWatcher on OSX.
>>> But this is a great time to:
>>>    - Get involved with the github.com/aspnet project and submit
>>>    contributions that will make the software run on Unix.
>>>    - Look into technologies like Owin and Katana (sp?) and help us have
>>>    a story that plugs into Unix HTTP servers (the equivalent of our bridge
>>>    between Apache and mono: mod_mono, or our Fast CGI bridge to mono).
>>>    - Take Mono's new profiling tools and performance counters for a
>>>    spin and help us fine tune the runtime to run .NET code faster on Unix than
>>>    you can on Windows.  While this is a tall order, my friend David Miller
>>>    would expect nothing less from us.
>>> Hugs and love,
>>> Miguel
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