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Martin Thwaites monoforum at my2cents.co.uk
Tue May 13 22:55:04 UTC 2014

So I've given in, and I'm now looking at using linux (ubuntu 14.04) to try
and add some things to mono.

I have the same issues with loading the net_4_5.sln file in MD as I do in
VS, in that it won't compile.  I'm assuming that the solution itself is
just broken.

The main issue though is I've not found anything that could show me some
simple steps to how I should go about building and running tests.

I try to read through the pull requests that go on so I see if there is
anything of interest to me.  I've seen from the comments in these that what
I need to do is create a test that passes on .NET, and fails on mono, then
fix the code to make the test pass.  This seems like a simple concept,
however, what steps should I take to do that.

What I thought was that I could create a dummy project in visual studio and
paste the test in, see if it works, then run it on MD in linux.  This
doesn't seem like the best approach to me.

So my question, what is the generally accepted way to create tests for mono?

Thanks in advance
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