[Mono-dev] Repeat builds of core assemblies

Alex J Lennon ajlennon at dynamicdevices.co.uk
Mon May 12 23:12:58 UTC 2014

On 12/05/2014 18:20, Bryan Crotaz wrote:
> We've been persuading C# shops to use the Raspberry Pi platform and
> build scripts aren't that much of an issue for them regarding
> acceptance.  Being able to fix bugs quickly and easily without having
> to fight the build system is more important to getting lots of
> contributors.
> If we could have an automated build that:
>  1. builds
>  2. tests
>  3. creates Windows installer
>  4. deploys the installer to a VM and tries some smoke tests
>  5. creates linux packages
>  6. deploys the package to a VM and tries some smoke tests
>  7. publishes artifacts to wiki, and to public repos (e.g. Debian
>     package repo)
> and stops at first failure, emailing the results to the list...
> Then we'd have a system that could be hooked up to test pull requests
> automatically and reject any that fail, and we've have immediate
> availability of all build versions to newbies.
> The first step is a clean build script that JustWorks (TM). Sounds
> like you're nearly there.

Very interesting indeed Bryan. And very much the type of fire and forget
development and deployment process I am trying to work towards myself here.

For what it is worth I have been building embedded Linux platforms with
Yocto (and prior to that OpenEmbedded) and am finding this an excellent
build environment to manage commercial, source-controlled,
license-aware, cross-platform builds of embedded Linux.
Most of our recent deployments have been Freescale i.MX based, but I too
have been looking at the RPi because I have a strong belief in the
disruptive nature of a $25-$35 price-point for a full-fat embedded Linux
platform. Opening the door of the embedded arena to students and
hobbyists via RPi / Arduino / Intel Galileo and so forth is going to
reap  huge rewards for society in terms of innovation in our future, imho.

As such, I've been maintaining the meta-mono layer for the Yocto
project, which builds Linux Mono 3.4.0 for various targets, including
RPi, in a controllable and maintainable manner.


I put this walkthrough together on Mono + Yocto recently as I believe
there must be a substantial number of enterprises out there with the
.NET skill-sets, legacy .NET code, and the desire to deploy to Linux


And this is a little older, but gets a Yocto build up for RPi -


Hopefully of interest.

Cheers, Alex

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