[Mono-dev] NullReferenceException in XSP after updateing mono

artyom.szasa at gmail.com artyom.szasa at gmail.com
Sat May 10 08:52:31 UTC 2014

After updating mono to master HEAD I can no longer run any asp applications.

Nothing else has been changed, only git pull/autogen.sh/make/make install
(+rebuild xsp) in local mono git repository.

Now any attempt to run XSP (both from monodevelop and standalone version)
results is NullReferenceException

 at (wrapper xdomain-invoke) Mono.WebServer.XSP.Server:DebugMain
> (string[],bool,Mono.WebServer.IApplicationHost,bool)

The problem can be "fixed" by reverting changes to the previous reflog

I wanted to create a bug at https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/ but not sure
which component it might be related to.

Any help is appreciated.

Artyom Antyipin
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