[Mono-dev] Initializing ing the bindings

Mackey Kinard Mackey at ehsiplus.com
Sat May 3 22:22:37 UTC 2014

Sorry Miguel for sending so many times but it keeps rejecting my email address. I have three
Email address ... I hope this is the right one to post on.

Here is the question again

Does ANYBODY know ANYTHING about initializing the binding system. I can't seems to get any answers at all about using the Xamarin classes that bind mac, ios and android.

How do initialize the binding system. I am assuming the binding system must be initialized
When using from embedded mono because you get errors about missing ctor(IntPtr) on all
Classes... The only way I get use the binding now is the create the objects in native code and pass the pointer to the object to managed code. Once I have the pointer in managed code
THEN the rest of the class works fine.

For example... If I create a NSColor object in native code and pass the pointer to managed code
I can do something like this to use the managed NSColor class:

NSColor c = new NSColor(nativeptr);

Now I can use the NSColor class in managd code. But I can't create object from managed code:

NSColor c = NSColor.Black;

Gets "No constructor found for AppKit.NSColor::.ctor(System.IntPtr)"

There has gotta be something missing.... Like initializing the binding system. Something
Xamarin is doing during the application startup when using mono to actually drive whole app.

Something they won't share on initializing things when using mono embedded.

Does any savvy mono programmers have any info that would help me out. 

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