[Mono-dev] Bug with Ssl cert validation

Konaju Games (Dev) dev at konaju.com
Wed Mar 19 00:39:37 UTC 2014

> I spent 4 days trying to get make to work on Cygwin. Followed those
> instructions and others. Every post I found had significant errors in
> it (eg Cygwin package names ) or was years out of date.

There are at least two blockers/bugs in Cygwin/Mingw32 that I know of that
prevent Mono from building.

Firstly a header file in the mingw32 Win32 headers needs to be edited to
remove a duplicate declaration.  There is even a comment in the offending
header file that it needs to be removed.  Why they don't just remove it in
the distribution I have no idea.

Next, /etc/fstab in Cygwin needs to be edited to add "noacl" to the
/cygdrive mount.  This is to avoid the situation where files created by a
Win32 executable launched from a bash script end up with no permissions on
the Cygwin side (from Cygwin's attempt to map Windows permissions to Unix
permissions).  The files with no permissions cause failures in make later
on.  Specifying noacl fixes this issue.

These two issues (particularly the second) had me stuck for several days,
but are never mentioned in any tutorial on building Mono in Windows that I
could find.  I still never ended up with a successful mono build in Cygwin

Another thing, ignore the tutorials that say you can't use make from Cygwin
and need a special version of make 3.80 from elsewhere.  That no longer

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