[Mono-dev] How to workaround old LinqBridge ExtensionAttribute error.

APS dev.malst at apsystems.it
Mon Mar 17 17:49:30 UTC 2014


I've an old asp.net website that used the LinqBridge dll to support 
Linq on 2.0 Framework.
When I first load the web app on a Mono 3.0.7 environment I obtain an 
error with the following text:

Could not load type 
'System.Runtime.CompilerServices.ExtensionAttribute' from assembly 'MyLibrary'

where MyLibrary is the library where I've referenced and used 
LinqBridge to create an extension method.
The ExtensionAttribute is really missing in LinqBridge library 
because I modified it because with the full LinqBridge I would obtain 
a duplicate attribute definition error.
The strange thing is that if I reload the site it starts to work so 
it correctly use the attribute embedded in Mono, until I enter 
another page that use LinqBridge where I get the same error and if I 
reload the page it works, and so on.
I can't remove totally LinqBridge because I still use that app in old 
win servers running with FW 2.0 so there's a way I can workaround 
this problem maybe with some configuration or some LinqBridge 
recompilation hack?

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