[Mono-dev] ASP.NET vNext libraries and mono

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Short update - inline

On 2014.06.08 15:49, jmalcolm wrote:
> martinJT wrote
>> So I've been playing with vNext and mono, and I was wondering around the
>> library support.
>> Microsoft have said that they will be adding mono to their test matrix.
>> However, they haven't (from what I can tell) gone as far as saying what
>> exactly they will be testing i.e. is it just the kre/kpm/etc, or are they
>> doing it for the packages too?[...]
>> So the question is, are packages on nuget from microsoft going to have
>> mono
>> versions?
> I have been testing it as well and so far it has all worked great for me on
> Ubuntu and CentOS 6.4.
Just held talk on Zagreb MSCommunity Future Dev UG about Xamarin 3 and 
because one student asked me to hold Xamarin.Forms I did everything else 
with emphasis on core mono and the best sample was ASP.ne[x]t

Suse, Centos, Ubuntu worked like charm, like Windows 8.1 demo, only 
Debian had problems that kpm did not work that well. I had no unzip 
installed and error was really hidden.

Even managed to make more complex samples to work BugTracker worked, but 
not MusicStore. Mostly package manager problems.

So main things to be careful:

 1. certificates
    sudo $CERTMGR -ssl -m https://go.microsoft.com
    sudo $CERTMGR -ssl -m https://nugetgallery.blob.core.windows.net
    sudo $CERTMGR -ssl -m https://nuget.org
    sudo $CERTMGR -ssl -m https://www.myget.org/F/aspnetvnext/

    mozroots --import --sync

    added this one: https://www.myget.org/F/aspnetvnext/
    weird exceptions about invalid package format, or wrong certificate
    environment variable must point to $MONO_PREFIX/lib, where
    $MONO_PREFIX is prefix for mono compilation
    TODO: how and where to put it during startup
 3. kpm restore
    try (even on windows)- kpm restore -s

I guess this is it.

> My guess is that Microsoft will product a Mono specific K Runtime (that is
> what they are doing now). I believe their goal will be to (wherever
> possible) ensure that the packages they build on top work equally well on
> both the Windows and Mono versions of the runtime. Currently, the version of
> K Runtime has Mono in the name while the packages display generic build
> numbers that look the same as what was seen in the Tech Ed demos on Windows.
It works almost 1:1.

> What I would expect is that Microsoft submit patches back to Mono trunk
> required to make one set of packages possible.
> Time will tell though. The current work is not identical on the two
> platforms. For example, the UseWelcomePage call shown in some of the early
> tutorials does not exist on Mono.
OK. I was not that deep.

I'll try to make MusicStore and BugTracke work first.



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