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Chris Tacke ctacke at opennetcf.com
Mon Jun 16 15:13:09 UTC 2014

Agreed.  My major pain point with the distro right now is in CI.  I'm using Jenkins on a Windows machine to build our C# application products and installers for both Windows and Linux platforms.  I have it all working, including generating tarballs for Linux.  The one problem is that I don't have it pulling and rebuilding Mono, because my steps for that are done on a separate Ubuntu VM.  That makes it a manual (i.e. not done very often because I'm too busy) process.  It also seems inefficient because anyone else looking for a scaled down (we customize what goes into the build to exclude winforms and a lot of crusft that simply isn't needed for a headless embedded device), 586 device like the Intel Galileo dev system is unlikely to ever find our Mono tarball on our public FTP.

A central CI system and a central repository for builds would be very useful in reducing fragmentation.


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Hey Chris and Miguel,
I need to support an "extra platform" too, for Tizen (see http://monotizen.com).

Perhaps we can collaborate on producing some good standard "patterns" for community-supported additional platform support?

It would be good if there was a simple way for additional platforms to hook into common CI infrastucture (with contributed VMs), and to expose their binaries through the Mono Project website in a common way.

It is great that Xamarin is bringing Linux support back up to first-class support, but there will always be a role for community supported "lesser platforms", and there is no need or benefit in trying to do those in the same way as the core platforms.


On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 7:39 AM, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at xamarin.com<mailto:miguel at xamarin.com>> wrote:
Hello Chris,

I am not sure that we will cover every possible Linux, but we will try to cover the major Linux distributions/versions.

So there is still room for other minor versions to keep their own builds going.

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 7:34 AM, Chris Tacke <ctacke at opennetcf.com<mailto:ctacke at opennetcf.com>> wrote:
Does this mean you 'll start looking at hosting official packages for other distros too?  For example, I currently maintain a 586 (not 686) build for Wind River Linux.  For a variety of reasons, not having to do that myself sure would be nice.


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Hello Alexander,

We are getting our house in order in terms of Linux support.   Jo Shields, one of the Mono/Debian maintainers will be joining Xamarin this July to work on both keeping our packages up to date on Linux, as well as restoring our sanity when it comes to regressions, public CI and other services that have languished.

We really wish he could start earlier, but he had to wrap up a long commitment with his current employer.

That said, we look forward for a bright and lovely future for Mono on Linux again.


On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 6:07 AM, Alexander Trauzzi <atrauzzi at gmail.com<mailto:atrauzzi at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hello to the Mono devel list!

I started a discussion this weekend on ubuntu-devel-discuss to talk about Mono on that platform and getting more current versions available. You can catch up here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2014-June/015005.html

As we started to untangle things, it came up that the current CI for Mono on Debian is currently not working.  I'm not familiar with building Mono or properly packaging software, however I'm wondering if this is something Xamarin/Mono could take a look at?

I know historically this relationship has been a bit strange, but what I'm looking for here as a "user" of Mono is for the two sides to somehow come together -- I think there's a decent amount interest in having the latest & greatest available on Ubuntu.

Failing all that, perhaps at the very least, the discussion here on this list could focus on what exactly it would take (from Mono/Xamarin's perspective) to get current versions of Mono flowing on Ubuntu again.  Also, feel free to jump over to the other discussion if it's appropriate.

Before I finish, a choice tweet from a while back: https://twitter.com/migueldeicaza/status/442491724683018241
This might just be me, but ensuring developers on Ubuntu are on the same footing as Mac/Windows would definitely go a long way towards that hope.

All the best!

  Alexander Trauzzi
  atrauzzi at gmail.com<mailto:atrauzzi at gmail.com>

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