[Mono-dev] Debian CI & PPA for Ubuntu/Debian

Alexander Trauzzi atrauzzi at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 13:07:45 UTC 2014

Hello to the Mono devel list!

I started a discussion this weekend on ubuntu-devel-discuss to talk about
Mono on that platform and getting more current versions available. You can
catch up here:

As we started to untangle things, it came up that the current CI for Mono
on Debian is currently not working.  I'm not familiar with building Mono or
properly packaging software, however I'm wondering if this is something
Xamarin/Mono could take a look at?

I know historically this relationship has been a bit strange, but what I'm
looking for here as a "user" of Mono is for the two sides to somehow come
together -- I think there's a decent amount interest in having the latest &
greatest available on Ubuntu.

Failing all that, perhaps at the very least, the discussion here on this
list could focus on what exactly it would take (from Mono/Xamarin's
perspective) to get current versions of Mono flowing on Ubuntu again.
 Also, feel free to jump over to the other discussion if it's appropriate.

Before I finish, a choice tweet from a while back:
This might just be me, but ensuring developers on Ubuntu are on the same
footing as Mac/Windows would definitely go a long way towards that hope.

All the best!

  Alexander Trauzzi
  atrauzzi at gmail.com
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