[Mono-dev] Still seeking contractor to adding Tizen support to Mono

Damien Diederen dd at crosstwine.com
Fri Jun 13 16:55:21 UTC 2014

Bob, Sergey,

I was wondering what Tizen had that was so different from other Linux
distributions; I guess we now have an answer: not much!

Of course, this is x86 and Bob is—AFAICT—interested in ARM, but I don't
expect major problems there either as Tizen seems to be a bona fide
glibc/RPM platform, unlike Android.

Cheers, -D

Bob Summerwill <bob at summerwill.net> writes:
> Fantastic news!    Thanks for sharing that information, Sergey.
> It sounds like the contract work for Tizen is going to be even more
> minimal, then, along the lines of ...
> 1. Make configure changes in an upstream-able, clean format.    Submit a
> pull request and get that accepted.  Tada!   We have Tizen support for Mono
> :-)
> 2. Verify that all appropriate samples and unit-tests are buildable and
> runnable against the Tizen emulator.    Make a list of WON'T FIX ones.
> 3. Work out how to augment the Mono automated builds/tests to include Tizen
> support.
> On the question of automation ...  http://wrench.mono-project.com/builds
> appears to be dead.
> Is there automation for Mono separate from whatever Xamarin have running
> for their own needs?
> For Tizen at least I would like to get automated builds and runs going
> within Windows Azure VMs which I will "sponsor" the costs of runnin.    Is
> there an existing automation infrastructure for this to be added to?
> Thanks!
> Cheers,
> Bob
> On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 8:36 AM, xplicit <svg at ngs.ru> wrote:
>> I was able to compile and run mono on tizen(x86) out of the box. Only very
>> small change is needed in configure.ac to compile and run mono
>> successfully.
>> I even compiled my mono web-server HyperFastCgi v0.4
>> (https://github.com/xplicit/HyperFastCgi) and run it behind nginx on the
>> Tizen machine with ServiceStack-hosted "hello, World!" web-application
>> (front-end nginx is located on the Ubuntu machine and sends requests to
>> tizen machine). Seems that all works fine, I've got "Hello, World!" message
>> in my browser.
>> Here are the the sequence of commands I had to do to compile mono
>> https://gist.github.com/xplicit/2f8444afe162ac69a5f7
>> Here are the change for configure.ac
>> https://gist.github.com/xplicit/f3d5d08b3eac836fae38
>> I use tizen_20140415.5_ivi-release-mbr-i586-sdb.raw image.

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