[Mono-dev] Still seeking contractor to adding Tizen support to Mono

Bob Summerwill bob at summerwill.net
Thu Jun 12 16:18:45 UTC 2014

PS.   If nobody comes forward I WILL just do the work myself.   I've been
doing professional C++ in the games industry for 18 years and am entirely

I am just very time-limited personally,  and have never built Mono myself,
let alone done a port,  so it's going to be a rather slow process.   I
would rather pay an expert to do it quickly,  so I can get on to the more
interesting phases of the project.

I would have hoped that somebody in this group would have been interested
in porting the Mono Runtime to a true Linux mobile platform, in the open,
and getting paid for their effort into the bargain?

I guess I thought wrong :-(

On Jun 12, 2014 9:09 AM, "Bob Summerwill" <bob at summerwill.net> wrote:

> (reply,  rather than reply-all in error 2 days ago)
> Hey Edward,
> Thanks for making me smile at the start of the day!
> I'm not as naive as you may think.   I know Miguel and Nat personally,
> having met them at Xamarin Evolve last year and been in contact
> periodically ever since.    I've been asking them about Tizen support for
> the last year, but it just isn't a big enough market for them to bother
> with YET.    I attended the Tizen Developer Conference last week, and now
> have contacts in Samsung and Intel too.     I also have contacts in
> Unity3D, having just ended at 15+ year spell at EA.
> If you read my TizenExperts posting you will get a better idea of what I'm
> looking to build.
> http://www.tizenexperts.com/2014/05/introduction-monotizen/
> I'm seeking a contractor PURELY to port the runtime.    It already works
> on Linux, and I know that there are already multiple working private ports
> to Tizen.  I don't think it's right to keep for Mono Runtime on Tizen to be
> commercial.
> I'm not trying to build a full Xamarin.Tizen stack, including UI
> designers, etc.    That indeed would be a fool's errand.
> Phase 1 - Mono Runtime (seeking contractor, or I will do it myself worse
> case)
> Phase 2 - Bind Tizen C++ APIs using CppSharp (I have a contractor already
> lined up)
> Phase 3 - Very minimal MonoDevelop plugin (just build, run, debug) based
> on existing MeeGo plugin
> This humbler project is not an Ark.   It's actually pretty simple, and it
> is utterly complementary to Xamarin's business.   I shook Nat's hand last
> Tuesday as I gave him on a MonoTizen card in Xamarin's SF offices.    I
> spent two hours having lunch with J.Frederick.     I'm not trying to screw
> Xamarin or directly compete with them.    Just to starting bringing Mono
> (open source) into Tizen world.
> Best wishes!
> BTW...  The "must not work for Xamarin"  should really have been...  "must
> not work for Xamarin,  Microsoft,  Unity,  Samsung or Intel".
> Porting the Mono Runtime to Tizen is a community project.
> The benefit of this first phase (with no commercial extras)  is that it
> enables any developer in the world to build C# applications on Tizen.   A
> huge win for us all.   You'll need to write P/Invoke calls to any native
> code and won't have a Tizen-specific support in MonoDevelop,  but it will
> kick the answer out of HTML5 development for Tizen,  and will open things
> up for the huge number of app developers who will recoil in horror when
> they realize the complexity of C++ native development on Tizen.
> Cheers,
> Bob
> On Jun 10, 2014 4:56 AM, "Edward Ned Harvey (mono)" <
> edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com> wrote:
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>> >
>> > I want to PAY SOMEBODY to port the Mono Runtime to Tizen.     Could that
>> > person be YOU?    If so, please contact me.
>> ...
>> >     .    Must not be employed by Xamarin.
>> Good luck.  You might as well be asking a single human to build an ark,
>> or the Titanic.
>> Xamarin is a whole *company* full of people to make mono run on iOS and
>> Android primarily (and Mac too, as a 2nd class citizen.)
>> The fact that tizen is linux-based is irrelevant.  So is Android.
>> Personally I think the best bet is to come up with an attractive business
>> model and form a business relationship to expand Xamarin's product offering
>> to include Xamarin.Tizen.  Come up with some investment capital, identify a
>> business plan that leverages existing resources where possible and
>> increases where necessary...
>> As I said...  Good luck...
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