[Mono-dev] Still seeking contractor to adding Tizen support to Mono

Bob Summerwill bob at summerwill.net
Mon Jun 9 08:55:46 UTC 2014


I want to PAY SOMEBODY to port the Mono Runtime to Tizen.     Could that
person be YOU?    If so, please contact me.

I have been asked what qualifications I am looking for.


    *    Must not be employed by Xamarin.   I don't want any conflicts of
    *    Must have extensive experience with C and C++, including at a
relatively low level
    *    Must have a decent level of experience with C#, though that is
less important for this specific task
    *    Must be enthusiastic about working on this project
    *    Must be able to commit to spending time on the project

Major "pros"

    *    Proven Github track-record of contributions on the Mono Runtime,
or to other parts of Mono
    *    Experience with Tizen
    *    Experience with Linux, Android or Mac OS X
    *    Experience with developing any other VM or low-level platform
components which are similar in nature to Mono

Last night I forked Mono in Github ...


You would just be working in the open there, and submitting pull requests
back to the Mono mainline, until we have working Tizen support in Mono.


Bob Summerwill,

Kitsilano Software

bob at summerwill.net
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