[Mono-dev] ASP.NET vNext libraries and mono

Martin Thwaites monoforum at my2cents.co.uk
Wed Jun 4 21:35:43 UTC 2014

So I've been playing with vNext and mono, and I was wondering around the
library support.

Microsoft have said that they will be adding mono to their test matrix.
However, they haven't (from what I can tell) gone as far as saying what
exactly they will be testing i.e. is it just the kre/kpm/etc, or are they
doing it for the packages too?  It seems that all the examples are using
different versions of the libraries than the standard .NET 4.x versions.

So the question is, are packages on nuget from microsoft going to have mono

I know this is a question direct for this list, I'm just wondering if
anyone has seen any information on it?

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