[Mono-dev] Shipping NuGet with MonoDevelop/Xamarin

David Schmitt david at dasz.at
Fri Jan 24 10:08:03 UTC 2014

On 2014-01-24 06:10, Stephen Shaw wrote:
> I can't speak for the monodevelop project, but one of the problems with
> nuget is it has a heavy dependency on powershell which is only available
> on windows. Having said that there is an addin, but as I understand it
> it has a custom nuget.exe binary in it that just simply ignores all
> powershell calls. For example, if you install something like entity
> framework (I think) it has a bunch of powershell script stuff. It would
> add the dlls, but not run any of the scripts.

That said, using nuget to get packages already installed into a solution 
works flawlessly.

Regards, David

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