[Mono-dev] Getting started on mono sources

Edward Ned Harvey (mono) edward.harvey.mono at clevertrove.com
Tue Feb 18 14:00:16 UTC 2014

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> Followed instructions to build from Git.
> https://github.com/mono/mono
> Note:  The instructions only say to "make" and don't say to "make install"
> afterward (which seems to be an oversight).

Also important:  By default, it's configured to build optimized.  This means when you step through code, very often it will skip over instructions, and the stacktrace will neglect intermediate classes/methods, etc.  Because the compiler was able to optimize away those actions for better performance.  Good for release, bad for debugging (where you want the ability to actually step through code line by line.)

When running ./configure or ./autogen.sh, add the command-line switch:
This will compile mono (at least the BCL) non-optimized, for an improved debugging/development experience.

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