[Mono-dev] After an initial investigation of porting WCF to mono, this is what I've found so far

Bernie Schoch bpschoch at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 20:35:14 UTC 2014

References to XAML configuration #if XAML out
References to COM  #if COM out

There are references to Transaction processing in Microsoft namespace is
this something we need to support or #if it out?

There is a ton of stuff missing from System.IdentityModel:
This is where the majority of the errors lie. 100+ items;  Should I just
back port this into existing Mono code or use reference source versions?  I
ask because I don't have much history on mono project and don't really know
status of System.IdentiyModel.

What is the strategy to deal with SR messages?  Right now I've just created
an internal SR and InternalsSR class

Bernie Schoch
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