[Mono-dev] I would like to contribute to mono however it seems things are in flux due to the integration of .NET Core and .NET Framework; where to start?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at xamarin.com
Sat Dec 13 13:56:48 UTC 2014


For example, I'm looking at say WCF as a possibility but some questions pop
> up?
> Will WCF be part of .NET Core? if so should we wait until it's in .NET
> Core?

I suspect it will be, but .NET core is not guaranteed to have the same API
as .NET Framework.

Mono currently  implements the framework API, and in the future will *also*
support the Core API.

Supporting Core will be relatively easy: we only must provide a thin layer
to interop, and then you can consume all the official .NET Core APIs as-is,
no need to work on them.

But .NET Core is still far away.

For .NET Framework, the code that you want to use lives in the
referencesource module, this is the code that we need to reference/port
into Mono.

> If not, then obviously it's a move from .NET Framework.  Are unit test
> available for WCF?  Would there be a duplication of work if MS has some
> forthcoming?

Some tests exists, yes.   I do not know if .NET will publish their test
suites, I would love them to.   That is a good topic for the .NET
Foundation forums.

> BTW I just picked WCF as an example as it seemed high on the list.
> I guess I'm saying, where would I be most useful say with contributing 20+
> hours a week in the near term (I'm between contract/jobs right now)

WCF is as good as any other place.

Cheers and welcome!
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