[Mono-dev] PR 1450: improve/simplify session retrieval/polling

Etienne Champetier champetier.etienne at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 20:29:32 UTC 2014


At my firm we (a collegue and I) have hit a problem with "big" session
(~2MB) and multiple RW access to the session (~20), the retrieval sometimes
fails and the session is left locked (browser times out, game over).
Here is an attempt at improving the situation, with this it never fails but
it's still quite slow

We have tried to use locks (monitor or RWlockslim /per seesionId locks) to
avoid having 1 request holding the session and 19 polling, and have only 1
polling at a time.
I need some help, as this code is not executed in the request thread, but
via a pool of thread, so if we use monitor lock, as it's reentrant it will
not lock much (we have seen a thread reentering 5 times ...), and if we use
RWLockSlim, it just crash...

Thanks in advance
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