[Mono-dev] I would like to contribute to mono however it seems things are in flux due to the integration of .NET Core and .NET Framework; where to start?

Bernie Schoch bpschoch at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 22:15:12 UTC 2014

For example, I'm looking at say WCF as a possibility but some questions pop
Will WCF be part of .NET Core? if so should we wait until it's in .NET Core?
If not, then obviously it's a move from .NET Framework.  Are unit test
available for WCF?  Would there be a duplication of work if MS has some

BTW I just picked WCF as an example as it seemed high on the list.

I guess I'm saying, where would I be most useful say with contributing 20+
hours a week in the near term (I'm between contract/jobs right now)

BTW I've been doing software development for over 30 years on all sorts of
platforms and languages but specializing in .NET since the initial .NET
developer conference in 2000.

Bernie Schoch
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