[Mono-dev] How to report bug in mono/monodevelop/nuget?

Federico Di Gregorio fog at dndg.it
Tue Dec 2 09:42:23 UTC 2014


I think I found a little bug in NuGet when running the package manager
from inside MonoDevelop, but I don't know where to report it. It is
obviously a problem related to how authors name files inside packages
but I have a feeling that it should resolved in the NuGet implementation
as used in MonoDevelop. So, I'll just report it here and hope someone
will redirect me to the correct place. :)

With NuGet you can specify that your package needs to add some tags
(usually configuration items) to an XML file. You can name it Web.config
or web.config and under Windows (case insensitive file system)
everything goes inside the correct, already existing file. But under
Linux if two package authors use different casing you end up with two
(or more) files each one containing part of the configuration. I know
about MONO_IOMAP but it doesn't seem the right answer in this case.

Any idea?


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